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Postal Service Seeks to Allow Delivery of Beer, Wine and Liquor

The United States Postal Service has the potential to raise up to $50 million a year with the passing of a new law. USPS alcohol delivery is currently restricted by law but Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe says, “There’s a lot of money to be made in beer, wine and spirits. We’d like to be in that business.” There are plenty of reasons why customers would want to ship alcohol through the USPS, such as vacations to vineyards or breweries. Donahoe said there are special boxes that can be used to ship different alcohol. These boxes could hold two, four or six bottles at a time and ship anywhere in the country, for a flat rate. USPS alcohol delivery is so restricted in fact, that customers are told to cover and hide any labels, logos or markings on beverage boxes used for shipping, even if there is no alcoholic content inside the package. Last year, a postal reform bill was passed by the Senate. This included a provision which allowed USPS liquor delivery. Any of these USPS alc…
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The Growing Popularity of Beer, Wine & Liquor Delivery in the US

The Growing Popularity of Beer, Wine & Liquor Delivery in the US When it comes to shopping online, you can really have anything delivered right to your door. With the help of the World Wide Web, you can buy anything and send it anywhere in the world. Have you ever ordered food online and had it delivered to you? In this technological day and age, the sky really is the limit to what you can buy online. However, have you ever thought of buying alcohol online and having it sent right to your home? Here is more information on the growing popularity of beer, wine, and liquor delivery in the US. Beer Delivery – Alcohol Delivered to Your Home Are you having a party and you want to be sure there will be plenty to drink? If you buy alcohol online, you might get a discount for how much you buy. Who wouldn’t like to save money? Some places that sell alcohol online might offer you a discount if you buy a certain amount. Things bought in bulk often come with a special price, which ca…
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5 Great Liquor Store Marketing and Advertising Tips

5 Great Liquor Store Marketing and Advertising Tips Liquor store marketing or liquor store advertising is not necessarily a very hard task. It is only that most liquor store owners do not spend enough time and thought to come up with an effective marketing strategy. Conventional print ads and other traditional practices can make your liquor store marketing campaign an extremely costly affair and no businessman would like to incur exorbitant expenses without surefire returns. To ensure that you manage to deploy effective liquor store advertising campaigns and that your liquor store marketing initiatives yield returns, you just need to adhere to these 5 amazing but simple tips. 1. Great Customer Service What would ensure your customers returning to your liquor store when they intend to stock up again? In simpler words, how can you ensure that the customers who have visited your store once, keep coming back? It's called great customer service! Most people would have certain pre…
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