The Basics of How to Sell Wine Online

Many small wineries still provide service to a small and commonly local population of fans. The main reason behind this is marketing can cost a lot—in fact, marketing to a larger population costs more than the average small operation can handle.

Selling wines online can potentially attract new customers, especially if you own a small winery. Can you get started learning how to sell wine online? The process generally involves several steps, all easily performed from the comforts of the home.

  • Create and set up a website for your winery. Hire a web designer—you can provide them with pictures, content and the direction needed to get your website off the ground. Alternatively, you can set up a website on your own, taking the time to make sure the site is the best it can possibly be.
  • Get in touch with an online wine seller and/or auction house. Online auction houses or wine sellers can help manage your sales, especially when dealing with customer transactions and support. You will, however, have to pay them a fee to work for you.
  • Find the most effective sales method. The most common methods involve direct sales or selling at auction. When selling directly, you’re acting as a drop-ship wholesaler, sending the product to the customer after your retailer makes a sale. When selling via auctions, the wine retailer arranges an auction for your wine, later sharing the proceeds with you after a sale. The most cost effective? Direct selling, since the wine retailer likely takes a cut of your auction proceedings.
  • Give your wine collection a thorough evaluation. It’s important to know the exact details about your wine collection, which can include recording the variety, vintage, condition and bottle size of said wine. This information can be submitted to your partner wine retailer/reseller or later posted onto your website.
  • Take care of the shipping as soon as possible. Once you receive a sale and its subsequent payment, ship out your items. If you’re selling via your website, you’re likely to get notified via its automated notification system, if you’ve got that going. If you’re working with a retailer/reseller, they’ll notify you instead, so you can later ship the wine for the reseller/retailer. Alternatively, you can ship your wine to your chosen distributor, who will later resell the wine for you.

When selling your wine online, use nicely designed labels and packaging to separate yourself from other wines on the market. Learning how to sell wine online is simple to start, very cost effective and requires very little work. It’s an excellent way to gain a wider reach for your business without any additional investments.