Why Should Liquor Stores Offer Beer, Wine & Liquor Delivery?

1. Offering alcohol delivery expands a Liquor Stores customer base.

By offering current and potential customers the option to have their beer, wine and liquor delivered, you can expand your local and online marketing efforts beyond your current “target market”. The process of offering, full-filling and completing a home or office delivery is simple, ask your neighboring pizza shop how they do it, they’ve been doing it for years!

2. Liquor delivery is an added convenience Liquor Stores can charge extra for.

I don’t know about you, but my local pizza shop charges $3.00 for delivery, and that’s not including the tip. What would you charge? I think spending $5.00 on liquor delivery is worth not interrupting the football game, my party or worth getting a DUI.

3. Providing liquor delivery keeps customers safe and coming back for more.

How much do you care about your customers and how long do you want to keep ’em? Yes it’s true, DUI’s are not only costly, but a person on the read that’s been drinking is dangerous. Keep you customers safe and coming back for more by offering beer, wine and liquor delivery.

4. Heck, it’s the “thing to do” and if you don’t your competitors will!

The times are a changing my liquor store owning friends! If your still operating your Liquor Store the same way you did 10 or 20 years ago, you need to wake-up and “smell the change”. If your Liquor Store doesn’t have a website, a Facebook page or a web presence of any kind, you are seriously messing up!

The bottom line business benefits of offering beer, wine and liquor delivery are obvious; more customers = more money! In my opinion, all local Liquor Stores should already be offering local delivery and if their not, they should be looking into it.


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