The Basics of How to Sell Wine Online

Selling wines online can be extremely profitable and has the potential of finding thousands or repeat customers that often pass up traditional wine buying methods for more modern and easier ways. It doesn’t matter the size of you winery operation, when it comes to the internet anything is possible for any size business!

On order to help answer a few wine selling question and to further motivate your business to go online, we’ve high lighted a few basics to the online wine selling biz.

Create and Set Up a Website for Your Winery

Hire a local and industry experienced web designer, developer and digital marketer. Find someone that has built a wine sales website before and hire them to build your online wine sales business.

Get in Touch With an Online Wine Seller

Online auction houses or wine sellers can help manage your sales, especially when dealing with customer transactions and support. You will, however, have to pay them a fee to work for you.

Find the Most Effective Sales Method

The most common methods involve direct sales or selling at auction. When selling directly, you’re acting as a drop-ship wholesaler, sending the product to the customer after your retailer makes a sale. When selling via auctions, the wine retailer arranges an auction for your wine, later sharing the proceeds with you after a sale. The most cost effective? Direct selling, since the wine retailer likely takes a cut of your auction proceedings.

Give Your Wine Collection an Honest Evaluation

It’s important to know the exact details about your wine collection, which can include: recording the variety, vintage, condition and bottle size of each wine. This information can be submitted to your partner wine retailer/re-seller or later posted onto your website.

Take Care of The Shipping ASAP

Once you receive an order and the payment has cleared, ship your items out immediately. If you’re selling via your website, you’re likely to get notified via its automated notification system, if so, make sure yourself or an employee full-fill the order ASAP. If you’re working with a retailer/re-seller, they’ll notify you instead, if this is the case, you should still ship the order immediately.

When selling your wine online always use nicely designed labels, packaging and fast shipping to separate yourself from your competition. We hope you learned a few things that can either help you get started selling your wine online or get you motivated to learn more. Don’t site back and let the online wine sales market pass you by, get in today!


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