5 Great Liquor Store Marketing and Advertising Tips

Liquor store marketing or liquor store advertising is not necessarily a very hard task. It is only that most liquor store owners do not spend enough time and thought to come up with an effective marketing strategy. Conventional print ads and other traditional practices can make your liquor store marketing campaign an extremely costly affair and no businessman would like to incur exorbitant expenses without surefire returns. To ensure that you manage to deploy effective liquor store advertising campaigns and that your liquor store marketing initiatives yield returns, you just need to adhere to these 5 amazing but simple tips.

1. Great Customer Service

What would ensure your customers returning to your liquor store when they intend to stock up again? In simpler words, how can you ensure that the customers who have visited your store once, keep coming back? It’s called great customer service! Most people would have certain preferences when it comes to their favorite whiskey, wine and beer and in the same way they would have preferences as to which store they wish to buy from. You don’t need any additional cash, capital or investment to offer great customer service and gain repeat customers.

Be warm, friendly, professional, lively and helpful to your customers, make an impact with your customer service and it will be the best liquor store marketing for your business. Great customer service is liquor store marketing tip #1!

2. Host Events & Tastings

Events and tastings always bring together the customers and liquor store owners over a few drinks. Being present at local events, conducting community programs and also holding occasional tasting sessions are ideal way to get new customers in the door; then great customer service keeps them coming back!

3. Active Social Media Engagement

Social media is playing an intricate role in every businesses overall marketing efforts now-a-days and liquor store marketing is no different. Create a fan base and this is not just for liquor store advertising to create brand recognition but also to create patrons out of your normal buyers.
Sign up and create business profiles and pages on sites like – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and the like. If you the business owner don’t have the ‘time for’ or ‘knowledge of’ how to use social networking to find, gain and retain customers, it’s worth taking the time to shop for a local web company that can help you with your goals. Liquor store marketing tip #3 is Social Media Engagement!

4. Reaching Out & Sponsoring Events

Sponsoring events is done to get more customers and to get sales but it is important to reach out through such initiatives. Sending any staff and random distribution of leaflets or some sample beers do not work. Be there as an owner and use some solid liquor store marketing tactics.

5. Can You Say, Website?

If you don’t already have a website, the time for you to get one is now. A website is and always will be your businesses “home base” online. Buy a domain name, hire a local web company and get found on the web! Liquor stores can use their websites to promote specials, list inventory and collect customers information, as well as list business hours, make announcements and stay in contact.


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